Dragør Badehotel / Copenhagen Airport Hotel

Dragør Badehotel is a 3 star hotel located near the beach with a beautiful view of the Sound and the new Øresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden.

Dragør Badehotel was built in 1907 when the old railway line was established to the small fishing village Dragør. The railway was closed a long time ago, but Dragør Badehotel still stands in its beautiful old style.

The hotel has been beautifully restored without losing its original style.

Visit Dragør Badehotel and experience the old Dragør, the harbor, the museums, the beach, and all that Dragør has to offer.


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Tlf: +45 32 53 05 00 


32 beautiful rooms close to the sea and beach 


15 min. from 
Copenhagen Airport

25 min. from
Copenhagen city center


2 min. from
port and beach